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You find 5 of my apps on the App Store.

When I started to play with the thought of making apps with different tutorials, my first thought was - It will be to small to view in the iPhone screen. After making some tests, I realised that it's not the case at all. It is really easy to get the information as well as what is shown on pictures. Even making perspective tutorials for iPhone screen worked perfect. I decided to give the idea a try, and now it's actually live and online.
This site is a presentation of my existing and comming apps

For info about a specific App
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This is a free App with info about my other Apps on the App Store.




For iPhone and iPad

fwikon appstore

FAUX WOOD: is the first of 2 apps about wood- graining. Covering:
Base coats( both European and U.S. standards)
Wood in general
Different parts of wood
3 tutorials for making:
Birch - Oak and Mahogany imitations.

Here you get all information to make beautiful wood imitations.
I really hope you enjoy and it increase your wood graining skills.


For iPhone

fw2ik appstore

is built in the same way as FAUX WOOD, but have tutorials for 2 other woods:
Walnut burl
Feather(crotch) Mahogany.
Panels - inspiration chapter

In addition this app will have a section with pictures of different panels with tromp moldings and ornaments.


For iPhone

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1-Point Perspective:
Most of you can draw a room in a 1- point perspective. That's a piece of cake, you say, - and it is. A square, four lines to a point and a couple of lines for the walls and cieling - that's it.. OK - it's a room, and in perspective.
That kind of sketch is not very useful.

The App include 5 Tutorials and explain:

Perspective basics
Horizon line
Vanishing point
Distance point
Distance point in general
Using the Distance point

In addition you have a couple of animations showing the drawing "live"

Camera function to save picture in your Sketch album


For iPhone



My latest App - Grisaille. This one will have Tutorials for both moldings and ornamentation. It will also include some nice Grisaille panels. There will be a photo function so you can create your own grisaille album.


I would love to have your opinion about the apps and how they can be improved. Please take a moment to rate them at App Store.




FAUX WOOD are made for iPhone and iPad.

My apps are made for iPhone (Faux Wood are constructed for both iPhone -Pad and Pod).
The reason is that the iPad have the enlarging function which make that you still can see all apps in full screen on all iPads.
In other words, all my Apps work perfect both on iPhones and iPads.

My next app will be Trompe l'oeil
with tutorials how to paint Glass - Bottles - Brass - Tin- among other things.



For iPhone and iPad


For iPhone



Faux Wood 2


I really would appreciate if you take the time and rate them on AppStore.




It's an app describing how to do grisaille paintings.( faux relief)
Grisaille ( from French gris = gray) is painting in gray tones.
With this technique you can make outstanding illusion which really make the viewer belive it's carved

There is tutorials for both moldings and ornament.

As a decorative artisans we quite often use the grisailles for different kind of fillings, moldings and ornaments. This kind of paintings are really trompe lóeil- it fools the eyes of the viewer.



I have some more websites, which you are welcome to explore